Watertown planners approve Popeyes site plans; construction to begin soon WATERTOWN — Construction on the proposed Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen on Route 3 is expected to begin immediately as the Town Planning Board approved site plans for the restaurant Tuesday afternoon. Engineer Brett L. Steenburgh presented updated site plans to town planners Tuesday afternoon. The plans included a large area of green spaces — about three-tenths of an acre in total. Mr. Steenburgh said construction is expected to begin soon as Popeyes is “eager” to get started. Engineer Brett L. Steenburgh presents updated site plans for the proposed Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen restaurant on Route 3 in Watertown to town planners Tuesday afternoon. Sydney Schaefer/Watertown Daily Times Building permit applications will be sought immediately in order to start demolition of the former Bob Evans restaurant in the fall. Mr. Steenburgh said construction crews are expected to work through the winter as Popeyes is aiming to open the new location in the first quarter of 2022. “They are ready to go,” Mr. Steenburgh said. During their July 12 meeting, planners raised concerns about Popeyes refacing the pilon sign along Interstate 81. Mr. Steenburgh said Tuesday that the Popeyes design team came up with a brand new sign for that particular pilon sign. The new sign features a wood-style grain look with the standard Popeyes chicken logo displayed on the front. “I think they came up with a sneak a peek here very good design,” Mr. Steenburgh said. “I think (the sign) is going to look very nice out there.” He also said that instead of a pilon sign in front of the site, they are going with a monument sign, which is typically a ground sign that has a low profile with little to no open space between the ground and the sign.


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“I don’t wear a mask in public because I’m afraid,” he stressed, “but because doing that might keep someone safe.” In the early 1900s, a domestic cook for wealthy families named Mary investigate this site Mallon unwittingly infected hundreds of people in New York with the Salmonella typhi bacteria before medical investigators identified her as a superspreader. Mallon, nicknamed “Typhoid Mary,” refused to be tested and fled from authorities, only to be captured and quarantined. During two years of confinement, she sued the health department. Upon release, she violated an agreement not to resume cooking and worked at a maternity hospital in Manhattan where more people were infected and died. COVID-19 may be caused by a novel coronavirus, but the legal-ethical issues are not new. And just what constitutes the common good has always been a matter of disagreement. Plato advocated conduct that promotes social harmony. His student, Aristotle, promoted action allowing individuals to fulfill their human purpose. Thus, the debate proceeded.  When the United States was founded, a Bill of Rights got locked into the Constitution to ensure that personal liberties were protected from a coercive government. But those freedoms are not limitless. One person's right to throw a punch stops at another's nose. If you scream "Fire!" in a crowded theater, it could be a ticket to jail. “Keep in mind we have seat belt laws,” noted Jessica Berg, law school dean and a professor of bioethics at Case Western Reserve University in Ohio. "We have speed limits.” When inoculations for smallpox and polio were first mandated in the past century, backlashes erupted, eventually dying as shots eradicated two of the world’s worst scourges. Yet, Berg noted, some batches of the early polio vaccine had devastating side effects .  The question is not whether government should constrain personal liberties in the public interest, she concluded, but when and how. With face masks and vaccinations, Berg allows that constraints should result in the least possible loss of choices and the most respect for liberty. For example, rather than threats of jail or fines, those who refuse to take precautions might be banned from crowded venues or required to undergo regular testing. The point, Berg said, is to allow for a stand on personal rights by letting people make choices.  “I think if we want to accept the benefits of living in a society,” Berg added, “we also have to accept there are some constraints on individual liberty.” Pamela Hieronymi, a UCLA professor who specializes in moral philosophy, said COVID-19 has revealed the “trickiness of freedoms.” She described various schools of ethical thought, noting that if someone asked four philosophy professors whether vaccines and masks should be mandated, there likely would be four different answers. Then she mentioned a book – “Assholes: A Theory” – by colleague Aaron James, which argues that American culture is producing a swarm of annoying, self-righteous people who behave as if they are so special that normal rules do not apply.